About Me

Wow. Where do I begin? I find this hard to write seeing as I’m an Introverted Extrovert. Well, I guess I can start with that I have loved food from the very beginning. Growing up before the ability to simply google a recipe, I watched food network on the daily! I would sit my siblings down and instruct them in my best chef voice how to make a perfect biscuit from scratch. I prepared almost every Thanksgiving meal from the age of 12, and even considered attending the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu of L.A. until I received a full ride scholarship to play volleyball. Now, I’m a homemaker of four very busy children. I’m constantly cooking and figured I should just start documenting everything I make in an effort to help those who are food connoisseurs just like myself. I love to eat around the world and devour other cultures. Seeing as I home school my little darlings, I love to really immerse them in our learning and that usually begins with food!

I can’t think of a better way to bring the old to life than through food. When I teach geography, history, and other subjects, cuisine is mentioned frequently. So much can be taught through food. Not only can we learn how to take care of our bodies through proper nutrition, which is of vital necessity, we can learn where we come from, where we are going, and what others did via techniques and ingredients that may be lost in the fray. We can heal with food. With food, we can come home. We can find comfort in a good hot bowl of soup and rest with a cup of tea that has been hand-picked straight from the garden.

I grew this upside down!

Speaking of garden, did I mention that I love all things nature? From my sandy upbringing in the high desert of California, the Sonoran desert of Arizona, to the seasonal weather of Toronto, I have always attempted to have some sort of garden as far back as I can remember. I have always been fascinated by the life contained in the tiniest of seeds. How marvelous it has been to heal myself from various ailments of life from the smallest of gardens. Despite moving for my husbands work, we have always made sure to have something visible and tangible growing for the kids to witness for themselves. They too know the worth of a homegrown tomato picked right off the vine. The wonder of a gigantic sunflower doing its daily dance as it turns its face to the sun, or the flavor of a good herb grown right in the window seal. When we hike or camp ( something we do rather frequently), we make strong efforts to teach the children the plants they are interacting with. How to forage and identify, something I’m still teaching myself to do.

Medicine and Well Being

Alongside baking and cooking, I love the art of healing through fermentation and homemade elixirs. I have taken the last several years to study the body’s ability to heal through natural remedies. I love making concoctions with natural herbs and beautiful bottles. I believe everyone should have easy accessibility to medicinal healing, and anyone can do it from the comfort of their own home! Here, I will share all that I have learned and hope that some of you will teach me too! 

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